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Rev. Dr. J. Mike Howington, CDP also known as “Phyllis’ other half,” “Tessa’s Dad,” and “Dr. Mike”         

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   I also answer to "Santa Clause”

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The Reverend Doctor J. Mike Howington has worn many hats in many situations, but for the most part he was a computer systems analyst/architect for more than 40 years.   In January of 2017, Dr. Mike retired from that very lucrative career.   Now, wait - it is true that Dr. Mike made very good money as a computer systems consultant, but Dr. Mike is a very poor steward of his money and his family habitually spent more than he took in.

To see his experiences and technical resume, click on the [Technical Career] button on the above menu.

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To see the non-technical resume, read on, below. More information, from January, 2017, to the present can be found on his writing blog, click [WRITING BLOG], above.

Along with 40+ years of computer systems and large database architecture, Dr. Howington has more than 5 years of experience in corporate and small business management, personnel, supervision, leadership and training.

Experience spans the following domains:

ACCOUNTING: familiar and experienced with in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), reconciliation, cash balance, cash register distribution, cash register loss & shortage research, book keeping, sales & income reporting, banking, credit, securities, personnel, payroll, wages & time keeping. Including federal, state, county and city ledgers and reconciliations.   Worked with several credit collection systems and uncollectable accounts systems, credit reporting systems and bankruptcy systems.   Expert Microsoft Office skills, and trained others in several accounting and financial packages that spanned general ledgers, detail ledgers, sub ledgers, account set-ups, income, account receivables, credit accounts, sales and cost tracking, billing, as well as account payables, payroll, expenses, banking, reconciliation (while working at Mercantile Nation Bank (where I invented the automation of card entry for reconciles), purchasing, invoicing, cost accounting, promotions, checks, and audits.   I have installed, trained, used and am proficient in several accounting software packages including Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Sage and GnuCash.

FINANCE: financial and tax reports, profit and loss, securities, Financial Securities Exchange Industry Wealth Management System (WMS), mutual fund orders and other pooled investment products.

BUSINESS SYSTEMS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Analysis of existing business systems and the evaluation of application requirements and user needs and the delivery of a technical design, functional requirements, specifications, code, configurations, builds, testing and documentation within several programming languages, operating platforms, and software products for both Waterfall and Agile projects (and hybrids of both) or modifications to a variety of software products.   Delivering expert data analysis, review and implementation of Data Models, Data Mappings and Data/Database Architecture, user-stories, and test plans/scenarios/cases.

MANUFACTURING: actual costing, BOM, assembly BOM, refurbishment, purchasing, scheduling and marketing

ENERGY: utilities, oil & gas, well information and reporting, distribution, bill of ladens, rail road transportation

INSURANCE: policy and claims administration, health care provider and clinic management, medical case bills, coding, treatment codes, electronic health records (EHR and EMR), Medicare and Medicaid processing and filing, HIPPA compliance

OFFICE MANAGEMENT: Office management, staff supervision employee evaluation, employee selection, mentoring and training. Experience in coordinating the work of others along multiple work streams, both locally and offshore, including the presentation of complex IT concepts and project metrics to technical and non-technical audiences and to management. Effectively communicating with the business users in their terms, training the business users, and, at the same time, communicating with the technical staff in their jargon

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Frequently involved the establishment of, and the enforcement of, policies and procedures. Repeatedly demonstrated, mentored in, and supervisored, the utilization of, strong analytical, problem solving and organizational skills. Often demonstrated the ability to multitask in fast paced, demanding, and stressful environments.

COMMUNITY SERVICE & LEADERSHIP: Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) , Fire Corp (Fire and Rescue Volunteer Support), FEMA Certified CERT Instructor, service/volunteer/charity Board of Directors, teaching, service as an Ordained Independent Minister of the Church of New Life, Toastmaster's (public speaking) clubs, Boy Scout troop leadership, telephone crisis counseling, youth ministery, and judging high school UIL speech contests.   Superior communication skills honed from having written and produced stage plays, published poems, directed and performed on stage, frequently teaching adult classes, and writing "Daily Bread" email short messages, three times a week, to bring God's Word to subscribers and countless user guides and technical documentations.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE IN DOMAINS: real estate appraisal, abstract closing, education, motel management, security and military applications (Vietnam era veteran).

Education Summary

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