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Rev. Dr. J. Mike Howington has an online email ministry called "Daily Bread" that goes out every Mon., Wed., and Fri., free, to individuals who request it (blind copied so no one gets anyone else's address). Anyone interested in receiving the messages should just send an email to jmike.howington@gmail.com requesting it. Or, submit your email in the form below.

The following is a sample from a database containing original Daily Bread messages sent by Rev. Howington, since April of 2002:
(Constantly updating this database. Some recent samples of my Daily Bread messages are on my blog: www.jmikeh.com )

This Daily Bread email message was originally sent on 01/21/2004:
1 Timothy 2:8 - I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing.

Pray at all times, and pray everywhere. Jesus taught us to pray in secret, in the closet, away from all the disturbing elements around us (Matthew 6:6, Daniel 6:10). Scripture has examples of Jesus withdrawing for prayer in a solitary place, a desert place, or a mountain top (Mark 1:35; Matthew 14:23). Scripture shows united prayer, prayer-fellowship with those who agree with us (Acts 1:14; 12:5; 20:36). And prayers before the unsaved, for i.e.: Paul and Barnabas prayed before prisoners (Acts 16:25). Paul prayed before passengers on a trip to Rome (Acts 27:35). There is no place that prayer cannot be made. Not even in our schools - our government forbids us to lead a prayer in school, but we individuals are free to pray everywhere.

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Work continues on my "Trans-denominational Bible Study" which is the multi-denominational study and commentary of each of the books of the Bible. It was started in 1994, but it might not not get finished in my life time. The Transdenomination bible also contains some of the scripture commentary sent out in the Daily Bread emails.

I completed a book (5X8 "paperback") of 52 weeks worth (one year's worth) of "Daily Bread Messages," awhile ago and self-published it on Amazon.

If you want a copy, send me an email (to jmike.howington@gmail.com ) telling me whether I should reply with the book in a WORD (.docx) or a PDF attachment.

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