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Rev. Dr. J. Mike Howington has an online email ministry called "Daily Bread" that goes out every Mon., Wed., and Fri., free, to individuals who request it (blind copied so no one gets anyone else's address). Anyone interested in receiving the messages should just send an email to jmike.howington@gmail.com requesting it.

The following is a sample from a database containing original Daily Bread messages sent by Rev. Howington, since April of 2002:

This Daily Bread email message was originally sent on 04/01/2016:
Exodus 3:12a - And God said, “I will be with you.”

I don’t know what, nor when, nor how often, but you have a part to perform in His plan. And when the time comes to do the Lord’s bidding, most likely you will ask “Why me?” or “Who am I that I should go?” as Moses did (Exodus 3:11). And most likely God will not answer that question any more than He did Moses’ but will instead remind you that He will be with you. Go with God, and be strengthened by this promise that He repeated as Jesus: “And surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 8:20)

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Work continues on my "Trans-denominational Bible Study" which is the multi-denominational study and commentary of each of the books of the Bible. It was started in 1994, but it might not not get finished in my life time. The Transdenomination bible also contains the scripture commentary sent out in the Daily Bread emails.

I have finally published a book (downloadable Ebook or paperback) of 52 weeks worth (one year's worth) of "Daily Bread Messages."

The books are on http://www.amazon.com/books To get directly at my books type the author's name, in the search bar at the top, type:

J Mike Howington

These books are generic in that they can be applied to any year. You can start them on any date. They don't have calender dates, they are grouped by weeks.

I shall begin the task of writing volume 2, this summer. Right now I busy writing a novel. When you finish reading this book, volume 2 will contain all new material. The material in these books are copies of the emails sent over the last 17+ years. So it will be at least 17 years before you will have to re-read a volume.

Note: I know there is another website out there that is using the name "Daily Bread." But, I have documented copyright data going back 17+ years. Since we are both just spreading God's Word, I will not contest or refute the other site's use of "Daily Bread" - I will leave them alone so far as they leave me alone.

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